Friday, December 31, 2010

Vienna's 1st decoupage bag

A very happy day for my little niece, Vienna. Haha..... She was so excited. Why???  Because we had a family gathering & during the gathering, we decoupage a bag for her.
Before that, we planned to decoupage an art table for her and her sister Venise as I got this great idea from Tiffany Teske which make me feel something special which can do it together with the two little 'monsters'.  But when Vienna knew that a canvas bag also can be decoupage, she jump up & down so happily.  SHE WANT A DECOUPAGE BAG!!! So, decoupage art table project postponed.
Vienna's mom, I means my sister Nicole is good in decoupage.  She has been practising decoupage since 2005.  She owned a florist shop before she entering decoupage world.  Since we launched a new website on doing Decoupage, we always get together for discussing some new ideas on decoupage, where to get those tools, supplies etc.  & of course, we decoupage together almost every weekend!!!

Wanna take a look at Vienna's 1st decoupage bag???  Haha.....

Back View
Front View


  1. Hi Linda Lee! I came to see the bag you were talking about. Did you do that or did Vienna? I am sure you helped her a lot but she did a fabulous job. Best wishes with your new site! I will check back to see what you are up to.

  2. Hey Tiffany, thx & glad to see u r here to view Vienna's bag. Actually, we do it together with her mum Nicole as well. Vienna did joined us for the craft work. She is really excited, she is only 5 years old, but she is quite good in doing simple decoupage craft work. Now we are busy decorating our house for Chinese New Year, will add some decoupage item. Post the photo soon la. Have a nice day!